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InstaSales pro

Unlock the Secrets to Making High-Value

Sales on Instagram

I know you have amazing, transformative and unique content in there.

And through this content you have the potential to build a giant business, you know?

There's only one problem.

Producing content anyway is not enough. To have a real result, you need 3 things: audience, engagement and authority.

People doubt what has not yet been proven. And you haven't been proven yet.

If you keep producing content the way you are, without generating engagements, connecting with your audience and without making your profile grow, you'll keep swimming without moving and no one will believe you.

That's why I created InstaSales PRO

InstaSales PRO is a super practical course that I created for you to unlock your production of content, attracting more people to your Instagram, and preparing your profile to sell a lot.

Let's change this story?

Let's solve your instagram, reach more people, show everyone that they are wrong and sell a lot?

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What will you learn?

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Go beyond

Copy and Paste

You will learn and Master the complete Copywrite structure for Intentional Posts, Reels and Stories.

Work Desk with a Laptop and Coffee

Strategic Insight and Innovation

You will master the Contextual Offer technique, where everything you post is strategic and leads to sale while generating value.

Social Media Concept.

Stand out in the crowd

The Secret to building a Position as an expert is to be recognized as the best in your area (in all your posts).

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This training was created especially for:

  • You, who want to earn more money and conquer your financial freedom

  • You, who dream of providing a better life for your family

  • You, who want to create an impact business that makes a difference in the world

  • You, self-employed or entrepreneur who wants to leverage business this year

  • You, who want to earn money working with what you love

  • You, who want to start your own business but still don't know how
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What you'll Learn:

The Power of Instagram for Business

  • Why Instagram is the Ideal Platform for Selling
  • Understanding Your Target Audience on Instagram

Strategic Positioning

  • How to develop an attractive Brand
  • Using Archetypes to Solidify Your Positioning
  • How to turn your knowledge into Experiences for your customers

Content Creation Strategies for Instagram

  • Types of Content that Drive Sales
  • Creating a Content Strategy for Your Business
  • How to Create High-Quality Content for Instagram

Growing Your Instagram Following

  • Strategies for Attracting More Followers
  • Building an Engaged Community on Instagram
  • Using Carrousel and Reels to Expand Your Reach

Measuring and Analyzing Your Insta Sales

  • Metrics to Track for Instagram Sales
  • Learn how to automate your Sales
  • Using Instagram Ads to Drive Sales
  • Analyzing & Optimizing Your Instagram Sales Strategy
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InstaSales PRO

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YES! I want to join InstaSales PRO course, so I can learn how to build an audience, grow my business and make a bigger impact

I understand that it’s my responsibility to follow through with executing the lessons. By joining this program, I promise to put forth my best possible effort with watching the videos and executing the information taught.


OR 12X £55,64

Click the button below to secure your spot now

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Digital Intelligence

You will learn to create your digital product from absolute ZERO.

Even if you don't have services to offer yet, this bonus will give you everything you need to create exactly the offer your followers want to buy from you.

You will learn:

  • Your ideal Persona - and how to identify their wants and needs
  • Which niches should work
  • What are the types of digital products and which one works best for your business model
  • How to set the correct price
  • How to become an authority and be seen as the best option in your market
  • How to Build a Sales Pitch That Is Impossible to Ignore

Value of this bonus £997!

You will receive fully acess for FREE once bought the InstaSales PRO!

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How can I access the course?

All content is 100% digital. Access will be sent to your email once payment is confirmed.

What if I have questions about the content?

In all classes, you can send your questions in the comments and I will give you all the necessary support so that there are no questions left.

Can I only take the course if I have a computer?

No, relax. The course is available on Hotmart, a platform that, in addition to the website, has its own application and allows students to attend classes there through an Android or lOS

How long can I access the course?

You have 2 years of guaranteed access! But I will leave the course available for life for you to access as long as it and the platform exist.


Satisfaction Seal

I am so confident in the results you will get with the InstaSales PRO method that I will give you a 15-day guarantee. After purchasing the program, if you don't like the training or don't get the result you want in that period, just send an email to contact@danielepenariol.com and someone from my team will process a 100% refund of the amount invested.

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Your Transformation Mentor

Daniele Penariol, the founder of the Digital Intelligence Marketing School and I have been in this market for 13 years. I've already helped big brands and players like Calvin Klein to break down barriers and leverage their businesses.

So, if you not only want to be part of the High Ticket world through Instagram as I do using my account @danipenariol and also succeed in your journey, just click the button below to learn more about my methodology.

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